Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Working From Home


Just to make things right my name is Aaron McKinney

My E-mail is littletanhouse@yahoo.com

I have been in GDI for four years! I am also building an excellent fast growing team. The time is always NOW to get started in GDI. GDI is very affordable at $10 a month. GDI can net you an incredible residual income for many years to come. It's truly your solution to residual income!

Has a 7 Day FREE Trial

Is Recommended by the FCC

Is Listed with the BBB

Listed with INC 500 in the Top 50 fastest growing businesses on-line

Has products that everyone on-line wants and needs

Has a market which is growing extremely fast

Pays residual income

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Is ridiculously affordable at only $10 per month

If you're interested with even one of these, then keep reading... you're about to discover a unique company that's been successful for over 5 years! This company has just opened an affiliate business and members are literally earning thousands of dollars per month! GDI is making it possible for anyone to earn a full-time income from home. More than 110 million Americans are online, and NOT just to surf the 'net and trade e-mails- they're spending at least $15 BILLION a year. That figure is expected to climb to more than $20 Billion annually. Isn't it time YOU got a piece of the internet pie with a REAL legitimate business opportunity? Isn't it time you stopped wasting money on fly by night programs? Isn't it time you worked with a REAL team of quality friendly sponsors and downline members that are truly working and succeeding?
So you've got to ask yourself …what has your Boss done for you lately? What is your present opportunity doing for you?

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What GDI Can Do For You
Earn virtually unlimited monthly income simply by telling friends about the fastest growing business opportunity online. GDI also provides outstanding tools to build your business...100% automated system!
No messages to upload. GDI's automated system will follow up with your prospects. You'll love our team and we guarantee, you will receive consistent help! GDI's state-of-the-art, automated movie and system, along with the 7 day Free trial, does 99% of the work!
All the content and features of other automated systems, including easy navigational virtual backoffice, your own .ws domain name, 10 email addresses, website builder (no html knowledge needed), hosting, optional lead packages, and more!
GDI is committed to emerging technology such as the .ws domain names...if you missed the .com boom...NOW is your chance to get in on the .ws boom!
The Timing Couldn't Be More Perfect
.com domain names are almost extinct! Oh sure you can get a .com domain name but it won't be a good one...all the good ones are taken! And if you by chance are able to get a good .com domain name, most likely it will cost you thousands of dollars! GDI was established over 5 years ago and now with their new .ws affiliate business, anyone and everyone (International) has a legitimate opportunity to earn great monthly residuals at home. GDI is delivering great services to the online marketplace!
As I progressed in my analysis I realized several things about the online marketplace. MOST people do not know html nor where to even begin at creating even the simplest of websites. Now, with GDI, anyone and everyone can have their own website up and active on the internet with NO HTML knowledge needed. It's simple point, type, click technology.
GDI truly does fit everyone's needs in the online marketplace.
From small business to large business to even startup business....GDI has the products and services people want. Every day people are interested in GDI because they can place a website up in minutes even if its nothing more than their family photo website. Literally THOUSANDS to MILLIONS of new customers are coming on board (you may be one of them) and signed up for for this outstanding business opportunity; many of these customers are interested in the site builder. So whether you are searching for a real business opportunity that won't cost you an arm and a leg or you are searching for an easy affordable way to have your own website and domain name active within minutes......NOW is the time to join us at GDI.

Shortcomings of Most Online Business Opportunities:
Some of the shortcomings I found were in areas of customer service, shortcomings with support and then there were technical and logistical pitfalls that included, No company support.
Expensive monthly fees (Over $40 per month on up to hundreds of dollars per month)
Lack of upline and sponsor support
Excessive downline drop out rate
High cost lead packages
No company advertising
Forced matrix attrition rate..drop out high and that causes roll up...before you know it, there is no one in the program
Unwanted products or No products
Unwanted email also known as “SPAM”
Violations of privacy
Selling of personal information to marketers
Pushiness by sales team to have you on a contract
Bad management
No Real Business Opportunity or significant referral incentives

The GDI Solution...
GDI immediately set out to learn from the other costly mistakes and experiences of some of the largest online Internet opportunities. They went to work on building a company and infrastructure that could deliver a pleasurable, profitable, efficient and cost-effective service that would also have a unique system of compensating its loyal subscribers for referrals.

The GDI Difference... What You'll Get
On top of a steady monthly income, GDI gives you everything you've come to expect from a top-level legal business opportunity. Start by simply enrolling for the 7 Day FREE Trial. You'll enjoy a state-of-the-art e-mail system with up to TEN different addresses for you... Access your email accounts online at any time from any computer.

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Some of the most prominent features and benefits that GDI built into the service are:

Ten Email Addresses
.WS Domain Name
Virtual BackOffice
Site Builder
International Business Opportunity
100% Automated System
Fantastic Email and Phone Support
Extensive FAQ
Automated Movie Website
Great flash and animated banners
Residual Monthly Income
Sponsorship Incentive Bonuses
7 Day Free Trial
Several Replicated websites
Optional Lead Packages
and so much more...

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Your Business Also Includes:
Your website takes “self-replicated” websites to a new level because you will be able to give a name brand to your website.... the .ws domain name that you choose...instantly build the logo for your website with point and click technology with the GDI SiteBuilder.
Everyone is a potential client…Do you know 2 or 3 people?
The facts are that some of the largest online business opportunities stand to lose thousands to millions of their current subscribers in the next two years to companies such as GDI.
In fact, it's happening already with the .WS domain name boom!
And what makes your business unique is that there is virtually NO competition in this area within the Network Marketing world.
You may not have to budget anything extra…
And guess what...let me repeat that? You may not have to budget ANYTHING to do this business right now, because you are going to receive a SEVEN DAY FREE TRIAL and after that it is ONLY ten dollars per month!
The opportunity we provide is so affordable ... after the 7 day free trial...the cost is Far LESS than the cost of a pizza!

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A Little about the BIG Payplan...
You will receive $1 per month per member in your team (downline). In fact, the matrix can give you an income of $UNLIMITED$ Earnings! per month in residuals.
We have a compensation system that is UNLIMITED WIDTH...and 5 levels deep..
The miracle of our system is that you can build an organization by placing just a few members on your first level to hundreds or more on your first level.......its Unlimited Width!!! This can easily add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars in earnings per month...it is happening right NOW!
It is a true marvel of Downline Building Science! Because you can Move any of your personally sponsored during their free trial period, under another member in your downline!
We welcome you to this business, and urge you to try it. You truly have nothing to lose with the 7 day free trial offer and you stand everything to gain.GDI is doing for their members what online businesses all over the internet should be doing.
Don’t get left behind! This is a brand new offering and the timing couldn’t be better.

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See What Others Are Saying...
GDI The Best! Reviewer: Valerie Underhill “It's just too simple to have a business that offers a free trial plus is so affordable anyway. The support folks are fast & friendly. I love the automated system...I always know immediately when someone takes the tour at my GDI site. My favorite perks, along with the free trial and ten dollar membership is the matrix - UNLIMITED width is COOL! My earnings just keep getting better.”

GDI is the Answer! Reviewer: Donna L. - USA “Since Excel went bankrupt it was time for me to step back and regroup. I was searching for a program that was affordable to anyone, that the majority of people could use - for me GDI is the answer!! It's easy, fun, affordable, our team has been easy to work with, and over time I can see myself earning serious money from GDI! Coming from a person that freely admits she couldn't sell rifles to revolutionists that's saying something. The presentation really will do the selling for you. Try the FREE trial ..... let yourself be the judge! ”

Very Important Person GDI Reviewer: James “As a member of GDI my sponsor has been in constant contact with me. I sent a personal e-mail and received response within an hour. I am very happy with support and the upline support.”

Great company, great product with great business plan!! Reviewer: Bob Y “After three years of surfing the internet looking for a real business, I got what I was looking for. A great company, which gives me fantastic useful products and pay me for using it too!!!”

Great Company and Great Income Opportunity Reviewer: Sue S “I was going no where fast. I was about broke too. Then I came upon GDI and said what the heck, there is a free trial and after that its only ten bucks. So I gave it a try and am so glad I did. Which would you rather do - pay for junk and here today gone tomorrow program opportunities or join a credible business opportunity that will be here for years? The support is fantastic!”

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